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If you're really ready to have it gone, though, you can replace those highlights with lowlights in a shade close to your natural color every 6 to 12 weeks until the highlights have disappeared. Highlighting heavily, coloring it in a lighter shade, or changing the tone turns going back to natural into a bit more of a task, but it's not typically complicated. The first step is to do nothing, just let your hair grow out for at least two to three months.

How to Grow Out Your Natural Hair Color

From there, your stylist will understand what your natural color is. But, it's not as simple as applying a color that looks like your natural color to your head. During a tint back process, a filler a semi or demi-permanent color that is applied prior to your permanent color, likely an orange or copper shade will need to be applied to replace the missing pigments that your darker color will require. Some fillers are added directly to permanent color formulations. Proper hair filling will ensure that your hair tone is even, and will prevent your hair from turning green or muddy.

We suggest you see a professional for a tint back service. The cost to fix a mistake made during tinting back will far outweigh any savings you get from replacing your natural color yourself. Depending on how much you lightened your hair in the past, your hair's porosity, and its overall health, it may take more than one color appointment over the course of two to six months to achieve the right tone.

Work with your stylist to ensure that you are properly caring for your hair, and ask them what is necessary to get the best result. During this time, you can use protective styling to help manage straight ends. Styling transitioning hair can definitely be a challenge, but patience and understanding are the keys to success.

A Guide to Climate Change

Pinterest is wonderful for this. Think of them like safety pins, and when in doubt, pin away.

Messy buns, high or low, tend to work very well when transitioning. That way you will have length with your natural texture before cutting off your processed hair.

Just let it do its thing. Have those items ready to go so you can dive right into your new daily routine. Instead of relying on heated styling tools to blend your hair textures, which can lead to breakage, try styles like braids that create a consistent texture throughout your lengths.

Manual The Natural Transition: Your Guide for Going Natural

But be careful not to identify with a hair texture that is not like yours. Use a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage. My shampoo is packed with nourishing plant oils, potent active ingredients, and antioxidants that support the keratin in hair to strengthen and deeply condition, leaving strands stronger, smoother, and less frizzy. My conditioner is designed to be impactful for all hair textures and help manage the transition to natural hair. It contains green tea, which neutralizes oxidation reactions and prevents color damage in dyed hair.

♥ If You're Going Natural Without the Big Chop....

After that, set up a schedule of how often you want to get these trims. Do what YOU prefer. As you make the transition to natural hair, your hair tends to be in a more sensitive and weakened state. As a result, it is best to give up all direct forms of heat. So put away the heat styling tools and focus on embracing your natural hair.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Learning all about your true curl pattern, hair type, and porosity will save you tons of headache on the front end throughout this transition to natural hair. When I transitioned, I went out and bought a billion products.

Looking back, I never actually gave any of the products a fair chance because I was looking for quick results.