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GEPHI - Network visualization tutorial [HD]

The book begins by taking you through the installation of Gephi and configuring the installation options. You will also get acquainted with the Gephi workspace and the various tools in Gephi. If you need to add more capability to your personal toolkit, you will be learning to Download and install several of the best Gephi layout plugins. You will then use these layouts simultaneously to produce beautiful graphs.

Also, you create and import data in Gephi and add some new plugins that extend Gephi even further. You also gain the skills to prepare and customize your network visualization for export. By the end of this book, you will be able to create your own network graphs using Gephi, customize the look and feel of your graphs, and successfully publish them to the Web.

Ken Cherven has been creating data visualizations for more than 10 years using a variety of tools, including Excel, Tableau, Cognos, D3, Gephi, Sigma. He uses Tableau on a daily basis in his current position, where he has built dozens of performance dashboards to track both marketing and operational metrics. He has also built many visualizations for his personal websites, especially utilizing Gephi and Sigma.

Is Gephi obsolete? Situation and perspectives.

He is very interested in tools related to the exploration of network data, typically using Gephi for most of his current output. He is also highly engaged in the world of data visualization, including but not limited to his daily work experience. His work is based on a thorough understanding of visualization principles learned through extensive reading and practice.

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He also uses his websites to display and promote visualizations, which he shares with a wider audience. He has previously authored two books on Gephi for Packt, and has also presented at multiple data visualization conferences.


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