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Michael Bloomberg. So Bloomberg, at least at first, could command a hearing and impose a footprint in a way that few candidates can. But we're told Biden's presumed candidacy was a fairly significant factor in Bloomberg's decision, after massive spending on data and polling. The race looked like "a bloody fight for the same slice of voters," a source said. But Bloomberg really wanted to go, according to numerous friends.

It's unlikely to stop Biden from running, but certainly makes him look more vulnerable than a week ago.

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They think that Trump was recruited by military intelligence to fight the deep state, because apparently we trust the military but not the rest of the government. QAnon has also gone with the mandatory George Soros conspiracy theories, but his post "exposing" the leaders of the deep state dusted off some oldies but goodies. Strangest of all, Q also fingers the House of Saud as being backers of the deep state, [42] which doesn't really mesh with the fact that they seem to be among Trump's closest friends on the global stage. Finally, what QAnon sub-conspiracy would be complete without that old classic, Satanism?

Sen. Cory Booker announces 2020 presidential run

Q thinks the Rothschilds are the head of a global Satanic cult which includes the Soros family, the Clinton family, and the Sauds. A central feature of Trumpism and QAnon is the concept of fake news. Q has taken it a step further with the concept of "Operation Mockingbird" According to Q, the Central Intelligence Agency check one off the list is manipulating the media and has been since the JFK assassination check. Of course, the globalist cabal doesn't stop with just Soros, the Sauds, and the Clintons!

No, it goes much deeper than that. As the map shows, QAnon functions as a grand unified conspiracy theory because it lumps in just about every imaginable conspiracy theory together with some historical reference points and almost no context. There are a number of conspiracy theories that are based on bigotry : antisemitism e. In that sense, QAnon can be used both as a mirror for one's own bigotry and as a powerful crank magnet that can attract all sorts of gunk from this "rabbit hole".

Is your mind confused by the non sequitur tornado? View the dissected map here: [note 3] Unhelpfully, the dissection is still full of non sequitur. The dissection roughly follows the map left-to-right and top-to-bottom. In the Department of Energy, this is a real thing. It obviously makes sense that this publicly known and extremely important clearance level would be primarily used to hide everyone's secret pedophilia.

Infowars founder Alex Jones once promoted the theory, but then told his followers that it had been compromised. Jump to: navigation , search. For the alt-right forum, see Stormfront ; for the "news" media, see The Daily Stormer. Disinformation is necessary. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity.

Can Babies Learn to Love Vegetables?

See the main article on this topic: Trump-Russia connection. See the main article on this topic: Falsifiability. People would rather believe that there are evil masterminds out there that pull strings on cataclysmic events than accept the occurrence of random events. If my theory proves to be correct, this will go down as one of the most brilliant sting operations in history.

The Road To Bimini

See the main article on this topic: QAnon map dissection. The earliest known attribution was in , a century after his death. Dollar as the global reserve currency, "He who holds the gold makes the rules.

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Operation Highjump , Admiral Richard E. Bush ; 9. Hillary election Everything has meaning. Morgan sink the Titanic? He runs QAnon! Military Intelligence to be President?

Michelle and Melania’s Shared Hell: The Role of First Lady

QAnon, the conspiracy theory that grew around it, is not. Why a conspiracy theory with an expiration date will endure. Right Wing Watch, 11 January Schilling: "It's a group of people that are very Christian-focused group of people, who believe the deep state is real — which I don't think we can deny anymore, that the deep state exists" June 29, AM EDT Media Matters for America. Representative from Florida District 5 archived from April 9, Gancarski April 8, Florida Politics. Comey kept his ill-considered decision to be a press hog hidden and Loretta Lynch, then the attorney general, could not stop him because of her own errors.

The report calls her out for her airport meeting with Bill Clinton just as her department was deciding the email case, creating a conflict that effectively took her out of the decision-making process. She deserves the considerable blame directed her way in the report.

Although these emails turned out to be duplicates of messages already inspected by the FBI, Comey precipitously decided to reopen the investigation. His letter to congressional Republicans reopening the email investigation dominated the headlines during the last days of the election. Voters who were late deciders, and there were enough of them to turn the election, fled from Clinton during these final days of the campaign, contributing to her loss.

The inescapable conclusion of the report is that the FBI under Comey was a ship of fools. There was no need to reopen the investigation, especially so late in the election, as the FBI seized the Weiner laptop in September. Page is gone but Strzok is still employed at the justice department.

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